Monterey Jack and Spicy Bean

Monterey Jack and Spicy Bean

Cronch, cronch, cronch!!! These exotic sounding beauties are flame roasted and exactly the sort of thing I love to get my sparkling chompers around.

I did need dad’s approval to taste these as usually when the words Chilli and Jalapeno are mentioned I only get to carry while he does all the eating. Not fair huh! But, these are classed as Mild so after a few borks into dad’s ear I had convinced him to allow me to eat one or two (or ten).

First impressions are that I could taste cheese and that set my smile off, I had no idea that Monterey Jack was actually a cheese and dad didn’t let on so it made for a nice surprise. My taste buds were soon over the cheese and tingling at all the different spices hitting my throat and hurtling towards my stomach at a rapid pace.

The combination of chilli seasonings and cheese is a pawsome mixture and the bean chips make a change from my usual crisp style. These are suitable for vegetarions but sadly the packaging is not recycliable. A healthy 7 out of 10.

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