Truffled Cheese & Champagne

Truffled Cheese & Champagne

As a girl with a taste for the finer things in life I decided to treat myself to a packet of Truffled Cheese and Champagne flavour Kettle Chips. ????

My first thought upon crunching through these lovely hand cooked chips is that the cheese taste is strong and tastier than anything I’ve ever ate in my life. Once I had swallowed my crisp I then had a nice refreshing aftertaste, I wasn’t sure what it was but dad says it must be the lovely champagne flavour bit I actually think it could have been the luscious truffle seasoning making its way down into my stomach. ??.

The combination of the flavours creates a taste that I’m sure any dog or Hooman would love. Kettle chips have always been a big hit with me and yet again they have delivered. A very fizzy 9.5 out of 10 for these Limited Edition lovelies.

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