Sausage & Tomato

Sausage & Tomato

It’s a lovely sunny day so I decided to go for a walk with one of my favourite flavours. ?. These are Sausage & Tomato flavour, mum loves these so I don’t get to carry them often so when I do I make the most of it. They do indeed smell like sausages and I think there may be a little bit of seasoning among the flavour, they are very nice although I always think they could be a little crunchier, these don’t quite have that big CRUNCH sound that I love to make. A good 7 out of 10.

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  1. I am amazed at the flavours of crisp that you are able to get Lucy, not being a connoisseur of crisps like yourself I wouldn’t know where to even find them. 😘

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