Cheese & Onion Ringos

Cheese & Onion Ringos

My first crisp review for a while as i’m apparently dieting again. I was a bit excited when I heard the Ringo’s were Cheese & Onion as i’m a massive lover of cheese crisps. My smile turned a little sour though after just the first taste. There was not even a hint of cheese for my taste buds to detect. All i could feel on my tongue was a very sharp and strong onion flavour which I didn’t like. They did seen crunchy and I liked how they were nice and round with a little hole in the middle of them.

One crisp was enough for me, I didn’t come looking for seconds with these ones. If you enjoy a strong onion flavour then you may find them to be pawsome but these only get a 2.5 out of 10 from me.

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  1. Wow! The name of them would have gotten our attention too. But a strong onion favor up front doesn’t sound so promising. We would have to agree with you, cheese should be the too favor and taste. Thank you again for this great review. Hopefully, after you are off of your diet, the next batch of crisp will be spot on! As always, thanks so much for this great review.

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