Linssisipsi – Roasted Onion

Linssisipsi – Roasted Onion

I was sent these Vegan crisps from Finland recently by my Instgram friend @nandepande – Thank you for the lovely package of goodies.

Me and Zeus have struck a deal where he carries the crisps and I get to eat and review them!  That sounds fair to me and at my age I don’t find it easy to carry the bags any longer.

Onto the crisps, these are very similar shaped to Frazzles but sadly the intense flavour kick that comes from a Frazzle isn’t there.  We could taste the onion but as they are vegan with no flavour enhancements we are both a little disappointed with the overall taste.  There was certainly a nice crunch but nothing really that enticed us to keep eating.  Google Translate tells us these are very protein rich but that doesn’t appeal to us much, we love flavour and we love lots of it.  We just keep waiting for the flavour to burst through with these but it’s not there.  They don’t taste bad but just oh so bland and even the packaging has a look of dull cardboard about it.  We are going to give these a middle of the road 5 out of 10.


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